Pozi-Crest manufactures high Quality shields and plaques for Schools, Sport Clubs and Heraldic Societies of Southern Africa and pride ourselves on attention to detail and fantastic workmanship.
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Pozi-art Promotions was founded when a need for recipricol shields was requested for visiting Rugby teams from abroad. Over and above the supply to Schools and sports bodies, we also offer Coat of Arms plaques for family’s & Heraldic Societies, embroided pennants, sports & corporate clothing. Feel free to contact us any time.
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The demand for the supply of quick and reliable service to the Corporate and Crafting market has seen our company enter into this arena with the use of Austrian laser Technology, operator imagination and clean, neat quality finishing to all our supplied products.


Established in 1999 after a need was found in the Rugby fraternity to provide quality presentation products for visiting teams both locally and from abroad.

Pozi-art has come a long way since then and has now branched out to supply clients all around SA as well as supply to the Military and Government department as well as Coats of Arms for Families and Heraldic societies in SA.

The provision of Laser cut supplies to the corporate and Craft industries has also been added to the list of services we offer within SA and beyond.


We apply all shield with imported enamel paints onto our embossed and recessed shields and then apply our finished product onto quality hard wood shields.